Month: June 2018

National Science Week

Nannup Flower & Garden Festival secures National Science Week funding




The 2018 Nannup Flower & Garden Festival will present free activities on Friday 17th August to celebrate National Science Week, incorporating science and innovation into gardening, exploring the theme Creativity in the Garden”.

The Society for the Preservation of Raptors WA will present an interactive workshop where participants can learn about second generation anticoagulant rodenticides on native predators and pets and dissect owl pellets to discover what they eat.  There will be a talk about Birds of Prey and an up close and personal with an owl, focusing on the risks of and how-to session on keeping aviary birds and poultry safe from predators.

Guest presenters will talk about the science of gardening, fermentation in the kitchen and how to make vinegar, kombucha, tofu and kefirand.  Another talk will be on the role of micro-organisms in simple kitchen processes such as Bokashi composting, sourdough cultures and food ferments using wild yeasts.”

More info on the sessions coming soon…

Posted by Mark Wyncoll