Festival Events

We have presentations EACH WEEKEND across the festival from locals and various gardening identities including  Millie Ross, Deryn Thorpe, Steve Wood, Neville Passmore and Dr Bob Longmore.

 It is with no surprise but with sadness we announce that due to Covid restrictions Costa will not be able to join us at this year’s festival. Regardless, most of the sessions he was participating in will be proceeding, as his involvement was as a Co-host. All ticket holders have been notified and for full details check the events below.

 While we will miss Costa we are privileged to have so many local presenters on board. As well as 3 jam packed weeks of events, there are multiple open gardens and studios to amble through, Market Stalls around town every weekend and plenty of local cafes to put your feet up.

Do you Remember the beautiful Spiral Of Life Mandala last year?  This year we have 2 large scale artworks including The Lotus by Lewis Horne and Decay of Decadence by Lara Rose Bos.

Check out the events below, download the PROGRAM & don’t forget to follow the festival socials for more info…

There are no upcoming events at this time.