Market Stalls

Stall NumberBusiness
V1Tricia’s Kitchen
V2Dinninup Grove
V3Southern Forests Honey
V4Cherry Valley Farm
V6Witherspoon’s Pure Skin Care
V7Cakes in a cup by Nic
V8Metal Garden Sculptures
V9Metal Garden Sculptures
V10Josephine’s Soy Candles and Gifts
V11U Scape Garden Centre
V12Teahouse Terrariums
V13Jan Steer
V14Water Corporation
V16Nannup Lavender
V17Ripple Grove Greenery and Gifts
V18Ripple Grove Greenery and Gifts
C1Mr Wicked’s Hawaiian Shaved Ice
C2Mr Wicked’s Hawaiian Shaved Ice
C3French Pantry
C4La Crepe De Paris
C5Little Dutchies
C6Anton’s Bratwurst
C7Merrifield Range
C8Merrifield Range
C9Fumi’s Japanese
C11KUZA Coffee
C12KUZA Coffee
P1Tintuppa Nursery
P2Creations in a teapot
P3Colour Me Face and Body Art
P4Barriclus Chattels
P5Barriclus Chattels
P6Flamingo Paperie
P8Afgri Equipment
L1Shane’s Madhouse
L2Parfait Boutique
L3Michael G Giftware
L4Mal’s Rustic and Recycled Furniture
L5Mal’s Rustic and Recycled Furniture
L6Fish Force
L73 Folsom Arc
L8Ruth Anne’s Home Craft Creations
L9Serene Suncatchers
L10Southern Flora
L11Rust Art
L12Rust Art
L14Jax Mosaics
L15Linen Beach
L16Flindower Designs
L19APIA Insurance
L20Flix handcrafted jewellery
L21Fowler Landscape Photography
L22Darling Deere
L23Darling Deere
L24My little bookshop
L25My little bookshop
L26Deborah Bridle
L27Pollen Nation and the green depot
L28Jebba Snuggle Sacks
L29Home Tweet
L30Geo Confectionary
L31Stained by glass
L32The Wandoo Grove
L33Katandra Preserves
L34Sassi Accessories
L35Dragonfly Plants
L36Wild Design
L37Unsunk Funk
L38Kanga Health Food
L39Cush N Co
L40Geographe Community Landcare Nursery
R1Artisan Street Chocolates
R2Something Silver
R3Luv a Lolly
R4Luv a Lolly
R5Step Forward Orthotics
R6Chestnut Brae
R7Go Nuts for Donuts
R8Go Nuts for Donuts
R9Fre Jac Bakery
R10Sunwise Energy
R11Sunwise Energy
R12No Frills Fertilisers
R13Margaret River Hemp Co
R14BJ and CF Rochester
R15Peppermint Grove Crafts
R16Arabic Oudh Incense
R172WP Garden Tools-Hayla PTY Ltd
R18Jaimie’s Cause
R19Fishbee Crafts
R20Ali B Cottage Crafts
R21My Mandala Shop
R22Nanny Goat Soap Co
R23Lime and Soda Scarf Co
R24Lotus Henna Arts
R25Danearth Herbal Farmacy
R26Wrappin Good
R27Bronnyd Caramel Apples
R28The Marron Bar
R31Merri Bee
R32Baked Spuds
R33Baked Spuds
R35Kasama’s Thai Kitchen
R36Kasama’s That Kitchen
R37Food For Thought
R38Food For Thought
R39Bar Tarifa
R40Bar Tarifa
R41Uncle Sam’s Smoke Shack

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August 10, 2019